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San Angelo Flower Delivery From Shirley Floral Company

If we get a floral delivery order to a San Angelo business that has a romantic edge (think red roses) it almost always goes to a business address. We all love showing off what we received! Known as the best florist in San Angelo we deliver to all businesses in the community. Our drivers pride themselves in their knowledge of all branches of Shannon Medical Center as well as ensuring that your delivery to ASU or any school campus is successful. At Shirley Floral we understand the desire to show off your love and can accommodate your quest for a San Angelo flower delivery to a business address! These deliveries present a few challenges that are easy to solve if we ask the questions up front so in the interest of time, we ask that you have the following information ready and available. 1. Does the recipient work on a closed campus with a guarded entrance? Businesses such as Ethicon, Frontier, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Goodfellow AirForce Base & Performant are all establishments that have secure access. Don’t worry with the help of our customer service representatives; our highly skilled drivers will have all of the information they need to make sure your loved one receives their arrangement. When delivering to Goodfellow AirForce Base, we always ask for a phone number and a good delivery time for the recipient. We are allowed access to the visitor center, therefore having an exact time and phone number is crucial information when delivering to GFAB. 2. Is there a front desk or receptionist that we need to check in with upon arrival? We don’t like breaking any rules, and have accidentally bypassed a receptionist before that led to a few questions of why a stranger was walking the halls with flowers! Most of the time businesses prefer if the receptionist signs for the flowers and calls for them to be picked-up. This works fine for us and we are happy to oblige any business wishes! 3. Is there a department or floor number we need in order to find your recipient? Having all of the right information is crucial in making sure your flowers are delivered to the right person. 4. Are they working today? What time do they get off? We often receive orders where the customer wasn’t aware of the recipient leaving work early or not being at work at all. Not to worry, we will contact you in case this happens and can deliver to a home address or schedule the delivery for the following day if you’d like. If you don’t happen to have any of this information, as long as we have the location our customer representatives will communicate with the delivery drivers to secure a successful delivery. Shirley Floral Co. & Greenhouse offers delivery 6 days a week and are open for walk-in customers as well as online and phone deliveries. Stop by 440 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo TX, 76903, give us a call at 325-655-9111 or order online.