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The Freshest San Angelo Flower Delivery Every single San Angelo flower delivery from Shirley Floral is sent with our 7-day guarantee. If your flowers don’t last 7 days, we will gladly replace the arrangement for you . Our amazing florists work tirelessly to perfect our supply chain in order to get the highest quality flowers to San Angelo as quickly as possible. Working with perishable flowers can be a tricky process from the moment they are cut in the fields, measures are taken to improve their lifespan. Different flowers have different care practices, here are a few that are used to help hydration and lifespan. 1. Our roses travel via a 40-degree refrigerated truck the entire trip from Miami straight to our shop. Refrigerating flowers as soon as they are cut puts them into “hibernation” which helps slow down their metabolism. 2. All of our green plants come straight from Florida to our local greenhouse in a non refrigerated truck. Our Peace Lilies do not enjoy cold temperatures so they cannot be shipped with flowers in a refrigerator truck. 3. Our tropical arrangements that include orchids or other tropical flowers are usually flown directly to our store packed in shredded newspaper which help keep them safe from bruising during shipment. Most times they also have water tubes attached to keep them hydrated. Other flowers may arrive to us in water buckets like gerbs and tulips. Some can have water tubes or bags of water attached to the bottom like hydrangeas and orchids. Sunflowers, lillies, fiji mums, gerbs, and alstro usually arrive with individual netting to protect their fragile petals. When our flowers arrive here at Shirley Floral, we cut them without crushing the ends to insure they receive maxium amount of water, place them in water with aqua plus powder/a> which helps to “feed the plant, open up the vascular system, and prevent bacterial growth. We then allow them to hydrate at room temperure for several hours. They are then placed inside our cooler until they are chosen for your next custom design. All of this care and handling leads to long lasting flowers and happy customers but it is only one piece of the 7-day guarantee puzzle. If florists rely on local wholesalers and do not have a direct source for their flowers, they aren’t able to ensure the age or care their flowers receive. All of these steps are the reasons our San Angelo flowers at Shirley Floral are fresher than the rest!